About Laura Lynne

Who I love to photograph

Kids and families, but first and foremost, kids. Why? Because they are hands down the most authentic and genuine people on the entire planet. I love seeing their personalities come to life in front of my lens. My favorite way to shoot is part documentary, part director. Anyone can get a child to smile, but the interaction and play of parents with their kids - either in the image, or on the side - is unparalleled. I always strive for smiles and laughter, but I'm also a fan of pouts, deep-thought faces and that ever inquiring look kids get in their eyes. Children are a beautiful gift to remind us not to take life so seriously.

How I shoot

Simply. Props are welcome only in as much as they are a true representation of you and your home. I am open to incorporating in things that are a piece of your decor because it's authentic. My favorite props are those provided by the location (aka: natural environmental props), but I typically show up with a few minimalist pieces like a chair or a bench.


I encourage casual attire for photo sessions that allow us to venture into parks, Folsom Lake or other natural environments. My favorite places to shoot include trees and grass and a breath of fresh air away from our busy lives. Photo shoots - at their heart - should be fun and relaxed in order to capture real moments and real life. Those are the images that become lifelong treasures.

In my spare time

I'm a fitness and adventure junkie. I love crazy endurance events, CrossFit, trail running in the mountains, long hikes to amazing peaks, Olympic lifting, and gymnastics. Future endeavors include more survivalist training, snow shoeing this winter, and back country backpacking next summer.

My life

...is comprised of three little people named Gabriella, Hannah and Isaiah (twins). I've been blessed with amazing and bright kids, and they are the heart of everything I do.

I work best

...with people who are down-to-earth and want genuine, fun images that tell a story. I don't plan sessions excessively because once we nail down the date, time, location and discuss a few details like attire, I want the session to have a life of its own. Over-planning and obsessing about details is one sure way to kill that.

For a more concrete professional resume of my photography experience, here are some highlights and a brief recap of how photography has been a part of my life:

  • School of Visual Arts, NY, 1999.
  • Associate of Arts, Photography, 2000.
  • Sacramento Kings freelance photographer for media day, events, renewal packages, dance team, and courtside. Images appeared on Gametime covers, in the arena, several publications, and posters. 2007-2012.
  • Metro PCS photo campaign with Kevin Martin. 2009.
  • Portrait studio Roseville, California, 2008-2013.
  • On-location part-time photographer, 2013-Present. Happy balance. Working with people I truly connect with, enjoy spending time in their company and creating images that make us all smile.